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When processing credit cards, staying safe and certain is important for businesses everywhere, especially in a large city like Nashville, TN.

The benefits of choosing Certain Pay for your credit card processing needs are endless. We offer the highest level of service and support, which means your business is never left unattended.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who take care of everything from start to finish and help our clients throughout each step of the process. We also offer training and education to ensure you get the most out of every service we offer and understand all aspects and rules of accepting credit cards.


Fast, Reliable, And Secure Payment Processing In Nashville, TN

At Certain Pay, we provide businesses with credit card payment processing and other merchant account services. Our main goal is to provide our customers with financial solutions to help their businesses grow and succeed. 

Certain Pay’s services are designed to provide fast, reliable, and secure payment processing to businesses in Nashville, TN. Among our traditional processing services are the point of sale systems, Mobile systems, and online payment processing.

In addition to traditional processing, Certain Pay also provides cash discount services, which lower or eliminate processing fees.

Why Certain Pay

Certain Pay offers a wide range of services that can benefit any business in Nashville, TN. Whether you want to open an online store or accept credit cards in your local store, Certain Pay will give you everything you need. We offer great customer service and security when handling your transactions, so you don’t have to worry about anything when working with us.

Certain Pay gives you all of the tools you need to accept credit cards and other kinds of payment in your company. You can count on reliable, safe, convenient, and trackable services. 

We offer next-day funding, 24/7 customer support, easy-to-read statements, and PCI compliance support. Our staff members will provide you with dedicated customer service to guarantee that your business runs successfully.


Certain Pay Delivers Customized and Transparent Solutions For Your Business

A business can be losing a considerable amount of revenue if it cannot accept credit cards. Certain Pay is the best option for choosing your credit card processor in Nashville. 

To help you grow your business, we provide customizable and transparent credit card processing solutions. Get in touch with us right now to make credit card processing simple. 



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Save Time And Money With Rate Tracker

Rate Tracker is our free and secure automatic credit card processing fee tracking system. It’s the perfect solution that allows business owners to take control of their rates and fees.

Your credit card process fee industry will no longer be a mystery for you. With our rate tracker, you no longer have to worry about your payment processors taking advantage of you.

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Things just keep getting better at Certain Pay! We have an affiliate program where we teach you how to make residual income by simply referring Certain Pay to your friends and business colleagues. Join our partners who are already earning thousands of dollars per month. We have a weekly training program that provides email scripts, best ways to refer and even help to put Certain Pay on your website as a preferred partner.

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