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Privacy Policy

What Information does Certain Pay Collect?

Personally Identifiable Information

Certain Pay may collect and store personally identifiable information about you if you voluntarily submit such information to Certain Pay. Personally identifiable information may include your name, email address, phone number, physical address and other information that specifically identifies you.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Certain Pay may also automatically collect (through Cookies and other methods) and store aggregate or anonymous information about user contact with and use of the Site.  Examples of this type of information include demographic information, the type of internet browser you are using, and the domain name of the website from which you linked to our Site and your usage of the Site. Non-Personally identifiable information may also include personally identifiable information that has been aggregated so that no one individual is specifically identifiable (such as, how many users in a particular city access the Site).

How does Certain Pay use this information?

Personally Identifiable Information

We will never share your financial information with any third parties except where required by law.

When you choose to provide personally identifiable information to Certain Pay on our website, Certain Pay may use this information to contact you from time to time.

We will never sell your personally identifiable information without your consent. We will never share your personally identifiable information with third parties except within the terms permitted by this Privacy Policy.

We will never share your personally identifiable information, such as your contact details, with our Clients without your explicit consent.

If you explicitly provide your consent, we may publicly refer to your company for Case Study purposes.

We may share your personally identifiable information with companies that are affiliates of Certain Pay, technical consultants and other third parties who make our Site available, enhance its functionality, or provide associated services (but only for the purpose of providing such services to Certain Pay).

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

We may share non-personally identifiable information with third parties for any number of reasons, including advertising, promotional and/or other purposes.

Information obtained in connection with the Site may be intermingled with and used by us in conjunction with information obtained through sources other than the Site, including both offline and online sources.

We reserve the right to transfer any information to our successors in business and purchasers of Site assets or a particular division or line of business.

We also reserve the right to access and/or disclose any information as required by courts or administrative agencies and to the extent necessary to permit us to investigate suspected fraud, harassment or other violations of any law, rule or regulation, the rights of third parties or to investigate any suspected conduct which Certain Pay deems improper.


This Site may contain links to websites maintained by third parties. Certain Pay is not responsible for the privacy practices of such third party sites. You should carefully read their own privacy policies before providing any information to such third parties.

Reviewing or Changing your Information

In order to ensure that the information we maintain is accurate, Certain Pay gives users the option to change or modify their information previously provided. If you would like to change your information currently in our database, please contact us.

Certain Pay is not responsible for updating information contained in third-party lists or databases.

Opt Out Procedures

You have the option to opt out of receiving information from Certain Pay. This opt out messaging will appear at the bottom of any promotional email that is sent out to you by Certain Pay in relation to this Site. Certain Pay also gives you the option to unsubscribe from all other communications. If you no longer wish to receive any form of direct contact from Certain Pay, whether it is email, discounts, newsletters, or other promotional offers or materials, or wish us to delete your personally identifiable information from our database, please send us a request marked “Privacy-Urgent" .

However, Certain Pay is not responsible for removing information from third-party lists or databases of any kind if we have shared your information with such third parties as permitted by this policy.

Please note that, notwithstanding the fact that we may have removed your information from our list of subscribers, we reserve the right to keep any information submitted or collected for business reasons, such as archiving data.


We are committed to taking reasonable steps to ensure the security of your information. However, due to the inherent open nature of the Internet, we cannot absolutely guarantee that communications between you and us or information stored on the Site or our servers, will be completely free from unauthorized access by third parties such as hackers, and the submission of personally identifiable information or use of the Site demonstrates your assumption of this risk.

Your Consent

We may amend our privacy policy at any time and will post those changes on this page, so you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and under what circumstances we may disclose it. However, if we plan to materially change the way in which we use or disclose your personally identifiable information, we will provide you with prior notice and a chance to opt-out of such differing uses.

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