Cash Discount
Eliminate your credit card processing fees by offering a cash discount.

Cash Discount: A Fantastic Way To Eliminate Your Business Credit Card Processing Fees

As a business owner, you are legally allowed to offset the cost of processing by offering a discount when paid in Cash.
There are two ways to run this program:
Cash Discount 1.0

  • Current pricing remains the same, and at the time of invoicing, if the client pays with a credit or debit card, they’re charged a 4% fee.
Cash Discount 2.0

  • Raise your prices 4%, and if the client pays cash, ACH or check, they will receive a 4% discount!
  • Usually 2.0 works best because we’re rewarding Cash-Paying clients, instead of penalizing

The Benefits of Cash Discount

Reward your cash-paying clients.

Customers who pay in cash get a 4% cash discount.

Eliminate your credit card processing fees.

With Cash Discount, your business no longer has to pay the processing fees because the cardholder is paying them.

Invest in your business

Imagine not having to give away 2-4% to your Payment Processor and reinvesting that money into growing your business.

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