Let’s Talk About Cash Discounts

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Stop Paying Processing Fees!

Cash discounts with credit card processing? Yep, they’re incredibly popular. Yet, many new and existing business owners don’t know much about this used method at all. So what is a cash discount, and why do business owners like them so much?

A cash discount service operates by offering a discount to customers who pay in cash instead of a credit card. Customers who pay with a credit card will pay the marked price since the fee is already included in the product’s price

What’s The Result? 

You avoid credit card processing fees for your business, encourage clients to pay with cash, while still giving them a choice to pay with credit for greater convenience, allowing them to decide the form of payment they prefer. 

Cash discount services help companies maximize their profit potential and expand their business. Whether you are a merchant looking for ways to reduce expenses or simply someone looking for the simplest way to manage your cash flow, a cash discount service can be just the ticket.

4 Benefits Of A Cash Discount Program

#1 No More Credit Card Processing Fees

The most common incentive for businesses to include a cash discount program is eliminating credit card processing fees. Cash discount services allow you to pass processing fees on to your consumers, saving you money that you may invest in growing your business.

#2 More Flexibility

When you use a cash discount service, you encourage clients to pay in the manner they feel most comfortable. Customers get an instant discount if they pay with cash while still having the convenience of paying with a credit card if they prefer it that way.

#3 More Money To Invest

You can reduce fees and invest the money you save into your business. You optimize cash flow, accept more payments and generate more revenue. 

#4 More Sales

Cash discount services can be used to boost sales and provide an immediate, tangible benefit and a substantial source of money for your company. They encourage individuals to pay with cash while also allowing your credit card customers to continue to enjoy the convenience of swiping ‘plastic without having to carry cash in their pockets.

Top Payment Processor Company In Richfield, OH

Certain Pay is a leading credit card processing company in Ohio. Our attractive cash discount program allows your business to eliminate processing expenses while offering your clients a wide range of payment options. 

You may save your company thousands of dollars every year by removing these costs, the money you could use to re-invest in your business, or whatever you deem necessary.

Our technology allows you to accept credit, mobile and online payments while providing your cash-paying customers with an immediate discount. We take pride in our transparent rates and strive to build a long relationship with our clients. We offer traditional processing, transparent rates, no setup fees, and a team of professionals ready to help you whenever you need us. 


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