What Are Cash Discount Services?

Nov 4, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Cash discount services are a great way to increase your revenue as a business owner. This is particularly helpful for small businesses. It allows merchants to eliminate credit card processing fees and pass them on to the customers.

It works by applying a small convenience fee on all store sales while offering a discount to customers who pay with cash. Cash discounts make purchases easier by allowing merchants to reduce or eliminate their card processing fees and customers who pay with cash also benefit from a discount.

Learn How It Works

Cash Discount Services are designed to allow merchants to charge a fee to their customers for using credit cards and offer discounts to those who pay with cash. As a business owner, you are legally allowed to apply a fee on all store sales to avoid discrimination against different card brands.

Customers who pay with cash get a receipt with an additional item showing the discount amount, whereas credit card transactions do not show that additional line.

There are two ways to do this:

Cash Discount 1.0

  • Price remains the same, and if the client pays with a credit card, they’re charged a 4% fee at the time of invoice.

Cash Discount 2.0

  • Prices are raised 4%, and if the client pays cash or check, they’ll receive a 4% discount!

How Much Will I Save?

Payment processing fees account for a substantial portion of most businesses’ revenues, and Cash discount programs are a smart solution to help businesses offset most of their processing costs. 

The amount you’ll save depends on your type of business since cash discount services are custom-tailored to each different company. With the proper professional assistance, you can start paying 0% for your processing rates. 

Tired Of Paying Credit Card Fees?

Our goal at Certain Pay is to provide you with the best solution to fit your unique business needs, helping you eliminate your card processing fees, offering you next-day funding, reliable point of sale systems, 24/7 customer service, easy-to-read statements, and PCI compliance support.

What’s holding you back from starting to enjoy the benefits of our Cash discount services? Our team of POS specialists is ready to help you in Nashville, Tennessee.

Contact us today for your payment processing needs.


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