Traditional Credit Card Processing

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When you sell products and services, customers want to know if they can pay for them using credit cards. If your business doesn’t have this payment method, you may end up losing a potential sale. 

Credit card processing is a great way to grow your business. It’s easy and convenient, plus it gives you access to thousands of people that aren’t able or willing to pay with cash.

What Is Traditional Processing?

It’s the process of running your customer’s payment through a third-party financial institution, which then transfers money to you. It refers to the old-fashioned way of accepting credit cards. 

Point of sale systems are devices connecting with your phone line or internet access through a regular USB cable. You can make purchases at any store by swiping your customer’s physical credit/debit card into the device.

Traditional processing is considered one of the most convenient ways for business owners to accept debit and credit cards because not all businesses have an Internet connection, making it hard to receive funds. Most retail transactions made in person go through this method today.

How Does It Work?

This type of transaction involves three groups: the issuer (the bank that issued your cards), the acquirer (the company you’re doing business with/receiving services from), and lastly, the merchant. 

When a customer uses a credit card to buy something, the merchant runs the transaction through their terminal/card reader or e-commerce. The acquirer then takes this information and sends it over to your bank’s issuer for approval (or decline).

If approved, funds are transferred from the customer’s account into the merchant’s. If you’re shopping online, this all happens behind the scenes, and no one will see any of these steps occurring.

Credit card processors charge a commission to merchants for each transaction. Commission rates vary depending on merchant provider and industry niche. 

Why Certain Pay

Credit cards are the preferred method of payment in the current market. That’s why having this payment method has become a necessity in today’s businesses. However, not every provider offers the same quality of services. 

At Certain Pay, we offer traditional credit card processing that can help you accept and process all your transactions easily without having to worry about meeting any minimum requirements or hidden fees. 

We provide a rate tracker along with many other amazing features so we can grow your business together. Let’s keep it simple by working with Certain Pay in Brecksville, Ohio,  today!



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