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Feb 7, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Since its implementation in the 1950s, credit card payments have allowed greater advantages for consumers and businesses. For the consumer, paying for products or services with credit cards is a convenient way of conducting business transactions without having to carry large amounts of cash. 

Besides the convenience factor, several other benefits make accepting credit cards worthwhile for any business owner.

Here are five reasons why you should start taking credit cards in your business today:

  1. Increased Sales– According to a US Consumer Payment Study by TSYS, it’s estimated that 80% of consumers prefer using cards over cash. That means if you don’t take credit/debit cards, you’re potentially losing out a great share of your sales!
  2. Increased Impulse Purchases- You ever go into a store and feel like buying something that wasn’t on your list? 9 out of 10 times, you whip out that credit card. It only takes a card swipe, and you are encouraging impulse purchases. According to studies, consumers will spend 83% more on credit cards than they will on cash.
  3. Better Customer Experience- We all know that customer experience is the new marketing buzzword we hear everywhere we go; whether it’s through social media or online ratings and reviews. You’re potentially hurting your brand’s image by not accepting credit cards. 
  4. Broaden Your Company’s Reach- By not accepting credit cards, you’re potentially limiting the number of customers you have. Do you know how many people don’t carry cash anymore? There are many people out there who can’t pay with cash.
  5. Increased Cash Flow- If you’re not accepting credit cards, you’re missing out on sales that could have been immediately turned into cash flow for your business.

By accepting credit cards, you’re immediately closing the sale and receiving the payment on your account!

Work With Certain Pay-

Your Reliable Payment Processor Company

Are you a business owner that doesn’t accept credit cards? If so, you’re potentially losing out on sales and new customers. That’s right!. With the rise of technology, there has been an even greater need for businesses to have a way to process simple transactions with their clients.

Consumers are constantly working to make their lives easier, whether through mobile apps or making purchases online. You’re potentially inconveniencing your customers and losing out on sales by not hiring credit card processing solutions.

To help you grow your business, we offer customizable and transparent traditional processing solutions. Get in touch with us right now to start accepting credit cards and getting all the benefits for your business.



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