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Our Mission Statement

Certain Pay’s Mission is to Change the way Merchants think about their Credit Card Processor by shifting the conversation away from Rates and Fees to a valuable partnership that allows for both sides of the transaction to prosper.

  1. We always do what’s morally and ethically right.
  2. We are experts and trusted advisors.
  3. We do our best everyday.
  4. We are team players.
  5. We have fun.
  6. We are resourceful - Google it first.
  7. We focus on the success of our clients.
  8. We play the long game in everything we do.

Our Mission began when:

3 like-minded individuals connected on the idea of changing the way Merchants think about their credit card processors. Accepting Credit Cards is so valuable for a business… why should Merchants have a negative outlook on the Payments Industry? Isn’t there a way for a Credit Card Processor to offer VALUE to their customers?

With these 2 questions, Certain Pay was born.

Our Mission became a Movement when other people in the Business Community decided to become a part of it.


Adam Niec


Adam Niec started his career at another processor and learned how to craft custom, efficient, and transparent payment processing solutions for virtually all business types. After 5 years of successful sales and relationship management, he realized it was time to launch a company of his own. Certain Pay was founded in March of 2019, and the rest is history. The company is growing fast because of the many customizable and transparent solutions it offers its loyal clients and shows no signs of slowing down.


Marshall Lowy


Marshall started in the payment processing business after 10 years in the fitness industry. Over the last 4 years, he has gained a significant amount of knowledge about the industry. Through the years, working for other companies, he always knew there was a better way to run a payment processing business. That is where Certain Pay comes in. We are able to create a business that has the power to change the whole scope of how payment processing is viewed. He is excited to serve and help his clients to not only process credit cards but to help them grow and scale their business.

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