About Us
We change up the game when it comes to credit card processing by creating honest relationships.

Payment processing you can trust

Almost every credit card processor will attempt to earn your business based on one promise: “low” rates and fees. They say they can process your Credit card transactions for virtually no profit for them, and when you sign up for a low rate, they exponentially increase it later. Processors get away with it because their statements are hard to read and merchants have basically accepted that credit card processors will always be dishonest. At Certain Pay, we think differently. Instead of lying to you with a hard-to-understand contract/proposal in order to get you signed up, our trustworthy and expert account executive team will listen to you and what your business needs.

Our Mission at Certain Pay

Our mission is to change the way Business Owners think about their Credit Card Processor by shifting the conversation away from rates and fees to the value that a great Payment Processor can deliver to a Business Owner.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the backbone of every decision that we make.


We always do what’s morally and ethically right.

Experience and Reliability

We are experts and trusted advisors.

Hard Work

We do our best every day.

Embrace Teamwork

We are team players.

We have fun

Keep it fun while professional.


We are resourceful – Google it first.

Highly Focused

We focus on the success of our clients.

Solid foundations

We play the long game in everything we do.

Join The Certain Pay Team

We’re looking for passionate people who care about their work and others, and want to join a team that will develop their skills.